Propose or vote on community-driven decisions. Voting runs on the Ethereum Mainnet, with the AE ERC20 token.

beta In Development

What it is

The first of our æpps to be hosted directly on the Ethereum main net, Voting allows users to submit a proposition and vote on existing propositions. Based on the stakeholder’s value within the system (their AE token balance), proposals are either voted up or down. This allows for meaningful feedback collection based on the actual buy in of our largest stakeholders.

How it works

Simplistic yet potent in its application, the user makes a statement that can be confirmed or denied (people can agree or disagree) based on the amount of tokens owned by those voting, the question gets up-voted. Based on the highest up-voted statements, clear consensus decisions can be made. This tool is primed for keeping in touch with the community’s needs and opinions, by taking transparent poles. Users can comment on the questions allowing open discussion and encouraging an opinion forum about things most valuable to the group. Collecting feedback from the community could ultimately help in making important changes as the future of the blockchain evolves.

The future

Currently only yes or no votes are available, but future applications could include multiple choice and more expanded feedback possibilities, moderating competitions and taking the communities temperature on hot topics within the blockchain.