The Vacation æpp allows you to easily and securely plan and pay for group activities and travel. It takes the headache out of large group planning by allowing users to utilize the power of smart contracts to facilitate smooth financial transactions between fellow travelers.


Which problem is your æpp solving?

Ever planned a trip and everyone agrees to it, then at the last second others start dropping out? With this application everyone pays in initially, so you wont be forced to pay more, each time someone drops out.

Also gives exciting factory that you would pay in before knowing exactly where the group will be going.

What was your approach?

First a user would create a contract with vacation details, (start,end date, max participants), and leave it open to anyone, or have a whitelist of participants that is only allowed.

Each user would then buyin to the contract by sending the correct amount of funds. Those funds are held in the contract for escrow, then once the registration deadline has crossed, or the max amount of people have signed up, an agent can withdraw those funds and create the itinerary for the group and send those out.

A person would stake an initial amount of tokens in order to become an agent, (in the real world would also probably rely on a reputation system, or proof of identity to become an agent).


How it looks like