The Wall

The Wall æpp allows you to post a piece of content and for other users to contribute AE tokens to the user’s account. This rewards high quality content creation as messages are then organized by highest supporter and cannot be deleted.

pre-alpha kovan test net

What it is

The Wall æpp allows a user to post a piece of content (or a link) and for other users to support the content they find to be the most valuable with their token balances. By curating its most valuable content through AE token support, this board works with built in moderation to ensure quality content is shared.

How it works

The Wall makes it easy to support content. Content is posted and then high quality or supportable propositions are backed by actual tokens. Messages are then sorted by the highest amount of support given to them. A way to showcase and share content and work with the community and get AE token support based on the quality and usability of the material, community curation ensures the potency of this message board. While this æpp has multiple potential use cases, it is especially useful for exchanging valuable blockchain information through blogs, tutorials and whitepapers.

The future

Future versions of this æpp could potentially handle more advanced content such as images or videos. This could potentially have applications for crowd funding platform development and possibilities for the creation of a messaging platform.

How it looks like