Prove the existence of a document (e.g. image, .pdf, audio file) at a certain time and date. Create access for others to confirm ownership, authorship or original existence.

alpha Concept

About the æpp

Accessible accountability hosted by hashes on the chain, Proof allows users to securely and accurately prove liability. By authenticating the state of something at a given time through image, text or audio files, users can easily confirm ownership, authorship or original existence.

How it works

By harnessing the power of smart contracts, Proof creates virtually un-editable hashes that identify each transaction. It combines the users original identifier or identity, adds the time, date, and details of the transaction or verification event and stores this data in a decentralized location off chain. While the files themselves are stored off chain, the hash is saved on the chain to ensure fast transactions. All hashes are then compared to each other to ensure no repeats, further confirming their originality. An excellent original use case for Proof might be when a user wishes to rent a car and needs to prove all details of the transaction and store the info in a trustless location. In this instance, images of dents, pictures of contract signatures and audio files of conversations about the rental could be hosted by Proof to guarantee the proper assignment of liability for the entire transaction.

The future

Improving upon the original idea of a “notary”, the Proof æpp creates a trustless environment within various levels of legal transactions by serving as a virtual 3rd party to verify existence. Although there are many possible future applications, Proof could ultimately become a kind a patent office for new ideas, artworks, and algorithms. This could serve to authenticate, legalize and originate all manner of literal and intellectual property.