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The Chærity æpp allows you to ask and support questions for a good cause. If the celebrity being asked the question answers via video on their Twitter account by the deadline, all community support for the question is donated to charity.

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What it is

The Chærity æpp brings together several interesting aspects of our current culture; celebrity worship, Twitter short form communication and philanthropy. Users are encouraged to create compelling questions directed toward well know people in the social media sphere. Once the celebrity creates a video answer, all support bids from these questions are then donated to a worthwhile charity.

How it works

A user asks a famous person a question on Twitter, supporting their question with AE tokens. Based on other users interest in the question being answered, the community can add value to the question by supporting it with additional tokens. The celebrity is then notified both on Twitter and through private message that the game is on! The celebrity then has 1 month to create a video answer to the question being asked of them and post it on Twitter. They are encouraged to like and retweet this post to create buzz within their community in an effort to raise the value of the donation. Once the celebrity has answered the question, all proceeds from the AE token support is then awarded to the charity selected. This creates the opportunity for the community to put their tokens where their questions are and donate to a great cause.

The future

This gateway æpp will hopefully serve as a bridge between the blockchain world and mere mortals who don’t yet understand how it works. By eliciting the PR machine of modern celebrity and making important donations to worthwhile causes, we hope to promote wider adoption of the power and potential that Æternity holds for its users and the world.

How it looks like

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