Let's build æternity together!

Let's build æternity together!

æternity exists and grows because of you, the active community. With every new miner, node operator and interested user, the ecosystem becomes stronger and more decentralized. Curious what æpps can do? Or how to contribute as a developer? Welcome.

Use æpps

Step into the æternity ecosystem and explore æpps. Follow the progress of our ecosystem and put the power of the æternity blockchain to work.

For Developers

While the æternity blockchain matures, intuitive and open-source æternity SDK tools are being developed. Discover how you can make an impact.

Base æpp

Base æpp is where you begin. Send & receive AE with the wallet. Create and manage dedicated accounts to safely store AE, to experiment and fuel æpps.

Explore features

Core Features

With Base æpp running on the æternity blockchain, we are continuously building, testing and releasing new features. The fundamentals are here. The future is around the corner.



Create dedicated subaccounts in seconds.

  • Safely store AE
  • Experiment with æpps
  • Connect to AirGap Vault


Send and receive AE effortlessly.

  • Send AE in an instant
  • Receive AE by sharing your address
  • Transfer AE between main and subaccounts

Securing your AE

The AE token fuels æpps. There are several ways to secure and handle your AE.

base aepp screen

Base æpp

Creates and manages accounts which have a wallet function to send and receive AE. Base æpp currently only runs in a mobile browser, so we recommend to limit the amount of AE stored here.

airgap wallet screen

AirGap Vault

Secure your AE using an offline mobile device or your primary phone. Vault stores your private keys securely and can sign transactions created by Base æpp or AirGap Wallet app.

ledger device

Ledger Nano S

Store your funds on this dedicated hardware device. You now can create an æternity account from the Ledger Live desktop application.


Explore the æpps powered by the æternity blockchain or the æternity ERC20 token.

In Development AE Mainnet

Blockchain Explorer

Verify interactions in real-time. Search the æternity network by address, block or transaction.

In Development AE (erc-20)


Propose or vote on community-driven decisions. Voting runs on the Ethereum Mainnet, with the AE ERC20 token.

Concept AE Mainnet


Prove the existence of a document (e.g. image, .pdf, audio file) at a certain time and date. Create access for others to confirm ownership, authorship or original existence.

Concept AE Mainnet


Communicate on the blockchain: super secure. Seamlessly intergrated with Base æpp to make instant AE transfers easy.

In Development AE Mainnet

Naming System

Claim easy, human-friendly names for addresses. Because not everyone can remember a 58-digit blockchain address.

Build your idea

The æternity SDK tools are continuously updated and upgraded. Discover how you can make an impact.

Where this is heading

æternity has only just begun. With your help and input, this portal will grow into the decentralized home for æpps. You will find guidance for your participation here. And in the future, æpps will be submitted and upvoted by the community.