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æternity æpps portal

Here you will find the æpps we are working on and which we would like our community to test. We encourage you to read the description of each app and to try it out of course! Share your feedback in our Telegram chat.

alpha in kovan test net
Identity Manager

The Identity Manager æpp allows you to create and manage the identities used to sign into all æpps. It serves as digital home base where each user is able to manage the balances associated with each of their identities and can easily transfer tokens between accounts.

pre-alpha in kovan test net

The Chærity æpp allows you to ask and support questions for a good cause. If the celebrity being asked the question answers via video on their Twitter account by the deadline, all community support for the question is donated to charity.

pre-alpha in kovan test net
The Wall

The Wall æpp allows you to post a piece of content and for other users to contribute AE tokens to the user’s account. This rewards high quality content creation as messages are then organized by highest supporter and cannot be deleted.

beta in ethereum main net

The Voting æpp, running directly on the Ethereum Main Net, allows you to propose something and then put it to a yes or no vote within the community. This lets shareholders express meaningful opinions that can potentially change the system itself.

alpha in kovan test net

The Proof æpp allows you to prove that something (image, PDF, audio file etc.) existed at a certain point in time. By storing hashes on the chain, users can verify details like time and date, creating accessible and consolidated proof of liability.

Community æpp

The OÆuth æpp allows you to use a decentralized blockchain identity to log into your favorite websites. This puts users in charge of their own privacy by allowing them to grant access to their general account information in a secure way without the need to actually type in their passwords.

Community æpp

The Hællo æpp allows you to build trust amongst strangers by turning them into activity partners through the utilization of secure smart contract payments. The æpp allows users who are interested in meeting new people to offer to pay for their outing and to create unique shared experiences.

Community æpp

This æpp allows you to submit a short text for inclusion in various consumer rated lists. Curators can then challenge what has been posted and vote to remove lesser recommendations while keeping the best items on the list, resulting in an ongoing community developed and updated whitelist.

Community æpp
Flicker Film

The Flicker Film æpp allows you to collaborate on a sequence of moving color frames. This is a fun and somewhat nostalgic decentralized æpp inspired by the iconic flicker films of the late artist Paul Sharits creating a public record of artistic cooperation.

Community æpp

The Vacation æpp allows you to easily and securely plan and pay for group activities and travel. It takes the headache out of large group planning by allowing users to utilize the power of smart contracts to facilitate smooth financial transactions between fellow travelers.