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Activate the power of the æternity æpp ecosystem

Activate the power of the æternity æpp ecosystem

While the core team develops the raw potential of the æternity blockchain, we are focused on creating tools that activate its full potential. Our work supports two important types of users: consumers and developers. This site is dedicated to showcasing both development resources and dynamically useful applications for use within our growing community.


Here you will find examples, input, inspiration and tools. By developing prototypes as well as final applications we hope to inspire your participation in the revolutionary realities of blockchain.


Our goal is to lay foundations for a healthy, ongoing project ecosystem. With the blockchain as the core product and the ecosystem being developed on top, we work to ensure that each project reaches its full potential.

The Base æpp

The Base æpp is the browser or central control that facilitates the creation and management of the accounts used to sign into all æpps. Because the æternity test net is still under intense development, this digital home base runs from the Kovan test net and initiates the entire æternity user experience.

To ensure the security of your token balances do not under any circumstance import your secrets and private keys while using the Base æpp during this extremely foundational time.

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Manages Accounts

The Base æpp is your first ability to participate in and contribute to our blockchain ecosystem. You can easily create as many accounts as you wish based on your activity preferences.


Activates Currencies

This core æpp allows you to use tokens in real time. Forming the basis for the only non-theoretical way to utilize this currency, your key signs your transactions and keeps a transaction history on the chain.


Browse æpps

It is the initial gateway through which you can access all the resources and avenues that have been developed on top of the æternity blockchain. The Base æpp gives you access to all our æpps. And also external ones.

Core Features

Our Core Features are available to you from the beginning giving you original access to lots of foundational functionality.

Blockchain Explorer

With Explorer you can search the æternity test net by block, transaction or address, allowing you to verify interactions in real time.

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The Voting æpp, running directly on the Ethereum main net, allows you to propose something and then put it to a yes or no vote within the community. This lets shareholders express meaningful opinions that can potentially change the system itself.

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The Proof æpp allows you to prove that something (image, PDF, audio file etc.) existed at a certain point in time. By storing hashes on the chain, users can verify details like time and date, creating accessible and consolidated proof of liability.

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Messenger offers you secure messaging and is seamlessly integrated to ensure clearer communication between users.

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Some æpps are temporarily disabled while we are porting them from the Ethereum network to our æternity network. Stay tuned for updates!